Birthdate:          05-12-73

Parents:             Diane Epler, Orville Chenoweth

Chad started racing in 1989 with a 1968 Chevelle.  The first year was hard to beat!  Chad won some heats and features including the 1989 SD State Fair Street Stock and the Outlaw Street Stock races. He also finished 5 points shy of the State Fair Speedway track title.

The next 6 years were up and down times.  In 1990, Chad began racing in the WISSOTA modified division.  This season was plagued with blown engines, crashes, and DNF's (did not finish).  However, in 1995, there was a glimmer when Chad won the point championship at the State Fair Speedway and also won the SD State Fair race.

In 1996, Chad raced modified and began trickling into the WISSOTA Late Model division.  Things were looking up and improving by having decent finishes and completing races.

In 1999, Chad decided to kick off the 10th season in style - he had a brand new Mastersbilt race car with #89 on its side. Chad decided to change his car number from the old #79 to #89 because he felt 79 was bad luck and also felt 1989 was such a great year.  Unfortunately, in a July 4th race at the Black Hills Speedway, Chad was involved in a horrible crash and suffered a broken back.  But this did not keep him down, in late September, he unveiled a new Mastersbilt car showing off the new #7.  Chad was off to two good races but was soon stricken by mechanical problems from the July crash.   

In the winter of 1999, Chad was hired by Late Model driver, Bill Frye, to be a crewman during the 2000 racing season.  They traveled and raced various touring series such as: UDTRA, STARS, Mars, Ricks, and Supr.

In 2001, Chad moved back to Huron and returned with a new look, beginning with # 5*! There was a new approach to be taken: 'Racing to have fun and only when he wanted to'.  This included racing only 1 or 2 nights a week in Huron (DSFS), Aberdeen (BCS), Watertown (Casino), and an occasional special.  Things took a new perspective - winning 12 heat races in a row between BCS and DSFS and having some top five finishes on a more consistent basis.  Finally, he captured a feature win at BCS.  Chad also finished 4th in points at DSFS in Huron and was able to qualify for every big show he entered including the UDTRA-DSFS, WISSOTA Challenge Series - DSFS, Mini 100 - DSFS, Dacotah Rumble - BCS, Governor’s Cup - BCS, WISSOTA Western 100 - BCS, and the Winternationals - BCS.

In 2002, Chad had a new 2002 G.R.T. Signature Series Pontiac Grand Prix assembled as his primary car and had the 1999 Mastersbilt as a backup.

Chad married his wife Michelle in November of 2010. They have 3 children, Jade, Kennady and Cruz. Chad owns and manages Under the Sun Rental and Michelle works as a Realtor in Huron.